Pet Seat Belt

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Safety and security is essential for our beloved pooches. We put a seat belt on every time we travel without fail..So why not buckle up our buddies.

A fully adjustable car seatbelt restraint suitable for all breeds - one size fits all! 

Simply click into any standard car seat belt buckle, and attach the other end to your dogs harness or collar. For the safest trip possible we recommend your pet travels with a harness. 

Product specifications
  • Washable and easy to clean, making it safe and hygienic.
  • Stainless steel clip suitable for all cars. 
  • Adjustable clip to suit all breeds.



Length 53-74cm

Width 2.5cm  


  • Our 30 days returns policy is here to give you peace of mind. Luckily you won't need this.. Our Belt Clips are quality assured and your pet is certain to fall in love. 

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